For companies from start-ups to more established private institutions, MSY Associates helps organizations unlock the power of their "why" to align their operations with their mission and core values. You’ll always have options that fit your budget, schedule, and situation – with strategic knowledge and data-driven tactics for achieving your goals.


“A problem well stated is a problem half solved."
- Charles Kettering

Begin with WHY

Start by finding your 'why’ to deeply understand what makes your organization unique and developing the messaging for customers, employees, and partners. Attract advocates and retain your best employees with clear, consistent planning. Update your organization's resources to keep pace as your industry or organization changes. Identify and understand strategic arenas to sharpen competitive focus and inform your overall strategy.


Let us be your accountability partner to monitor and pressure-test new services, new go-to-market strategies, or optimize your brand reputation. Optimize your operations to match your organizational mission and values. Identify investment priorities and new business opportunities that support long term growth.Check in with your customers in a trustworthy way to get useful feedback and competitive intelligence.


“The essence of strategy is choosing what not to do.”
- Michael Porter

Communication Strategy

Test, compare, and refine your message and the platforms you’re using. Prospects, costumers, employees, and partners all need different information. Customize and captivate with data-backed resources and professional support.

Market-Message Fit

When you are developing a new offering for geographic or buyer markets, turn to MSY Associates. We provide guidance in tailoring the content and identifying clients based on their circumstances and timing. Meet your audience of prospects and buyers at the right time, with the answers or advice they need.


Media Production

Build those training sessions, workshops, marketing outreach, and other solutions. We get it — you’re busy. Tap into our training and resources to save money and time. MSY Associates produces monthly video and podcast series and can be a turn-key provider for your organization’s social, video and audio needs.


Pitch Your Thing

Perfect pitch isn’t just for musicians. Sharpen your message for engaging decision-makers, prospective customers, and other stakeholders. Fast pitch when time is limited, focus on the user and customer need to embrace a new idea, or solution. When the conversation shifts, be prepared with techniques and frameworks to deliver confident, persuasive presentations.


Video Series and Podcasts

Government in Plain Language

This engaging monthly YouTube series introduces people you should know who are working to uncomplicate the ways business and government interact — from daily operations to purchasing and capital investment. Government in Plain Language is an interview series, hosted by MaBinti Yillah, with former executives, program managers, and other subject matter experts. Together, we explore ways that innovation, training, and organizational change can transform government enterprises and public-private partnerships because the federal government is a key player in the 21st century’s digital transformation.